So this game has a Simple idea I give a Time and place and setting and you give me characters and what you want to be doing. Why? Simple all my most memorable games as a player have been the ones where we looked at our GM and said “We wanna RP” and his response was “I have nothing planed”

So setting Future WoD where humans are few and far between and even the most normal person has something in ways of magic. This is mostly do to Nuclear-Holocaust when the shit hit the fan and all the countries went bankrupt. Most supernaturals had a place to evacuate to as such most sorts survived. As such this is a magic induced future they use what ever means necessary to get things to do what is desired be it using magic to make something that should not fly or something that should not move.

The planet has undergone devastating events like an ice age brought on by the nuclear-holocaust along with reactions of earthquakes. But those were a thousand years ago. The landmasses that made up the world are now broken into thousands of islands the largest of them being where Canada, England, Iceland and Greenland were along with Antarctica that now takes up most the south sea. Water now takes up 80% of the earth and 35% of that is ice.

There are rules to this new world. Since $ was the cause of the bigger problems things have gone back to trade and labor. the technology never died it only got better but guns and bombs are now illegal and anyone caught shooting one is put to death. Criminals still do not care and you will often find armed robberies and such put on the news. Most cities were rebuilt but many were simply taken over early by supernatural groups clamming the lands as there own. Downed cities now home to monsters and the likes.

So that is the setting of this game. Your characters and your plans are your own and I will do what I can to make this game a good one.